Since Marry Ellen and Robert Mckee established Hidden Springs Ranch in 1999, the Peeples Valley, Arizona property has provided their customers with excellent, professional service. Hidden Springs Ranch offers lay-up services, as well as breaking and training, sales prep, and foaling.

The 222-arcre spread is located at 4,800 feet in elevation, offering a lovely climate for training and boarding year round. A 5/8 mile training track provides the young, as well as rehabilitating athletes, with fitness. A swimming facility is especially useful for horses rehabbing from injury, and there is also an “Equinciser” available.

The farm has 55 stalls, with 10 five acre irrigated grass paddocks and 8 one-acre grass paddocks. There are spacious 15-acre and a 7-acre field, as well. Guest housing is available for out of state clients, who can stay the night to watch their horses train or inspect their manes.

The facilities and staff at Hidden Springs Ranch are dedicated to providing young horses with a solid, comfortable introduction to the racetrack and with the success of their graduates, the Hidden Springs program is one worth exploring!

For more information, please fill out our contact form or call us at 602.381.8800 to speak with Ranch Manager Lizeth Aranda.

"Our good mare, LiL Easy, Arizona horse of the year in 2006, spent all of her downtime there. We felt it was the safest place we could put her, we were right! "

"Hidden Springs Ranch did an outstanding job with Misremember and all of the babies I have sent them in the past few years."

Bob Baffert

"It’s like Kentucky in Arizona, a first class facility, second to none!"